I am a researcher by trade. Two years ago I moved to Korea to travel around East Asia. I never thought I would start my own travel blog, but after spending so much time planning my own travels I want to share my insights with fellow travelers. Like many people, I love to travel and explore new places. And when I am not traveling, I am constantly thinking about and planning for my next trip.

The purpose of this travel blog is to serve as a record of my own travels and to pay it forward to other travelers. Through my research with guide books, travel sites like TripAdvisor, and other travel blogs, I have found a lot of information and tips from others, and I want to return the favor by providing my own. My blog will probably appeal most to travelers like myself. I am a traveler who is no longer in her 20s. I like to enjoy the nicer things in life, but I still maintain that adventurous spirit.  I consider myself a “3 star” traveler. I make money extend further with public transportation and street food but splurge on rare experiences and a good meal. I enjoy art, cultural history, wine, and nature. For those with a similar travel sense, my impressions and tips will be useful.

My desire is for this blog to be a source of information that others can turn to for their own travel planning. I welcome comments from fellow travelers about their impressions of the places I have visited and written about. Readers, enjoy my blog–as much as I have enjoyed writing it.

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